Value Of Using A Travel Agent

What value do you get out of using a travel agent?

  • The biggest value you will receive from a travel agent is their Experience and Expertise. At Fantasmic Adventures we sit through hours of training on numerous destinations. We have visited numerous destinations and follow all types of vacation related discounts.
  • We provide a second pair of hands helping to plan your next vacation. When you use Fantasmic Adventures we will pull up all the information you are looking for and answer any questions you have. This allows you to have more time planning the fun part.
  • Another big benefit of a travel agent is price watching. We know the best deals and times to book your vacation. Once its booked they can follow through with the pricing to see if it ever drops lower.


Why should I use one?

  • You want a stress free vacation right? Using a travel agent will give you this. Fantasmic Adventures will supply you with a bunch of choices based on your information. Once your ready we will then book them for you.
  • When you book a flight thru a travel agent and it gets canceled who is the first person you are going to call? Your travel agent, they will be the one who is responsible for rebooking your flight.
  • When you Use Fantasmic Adventures, you are paying for our experience and receiving value. We make our money by creating an education surrounding your vacation. This puts your mind to ease and creates a stress-free vacation at no extra cost to you!

How to Protect Yourself When Hiring a Travel Agent

  • If you are using a travel agent you need to understand if they are going to charge you a booking fee and if they have your best interest in mind. Fantasmic Adventures will never charge you a fee for booking a vacation.
  • Make sure that they are finding you the best deal. Travel agents get paid off commission from the destinations they sell. The more you spend the more they make.
  • Do not let them get pushy or only explain to the benefits of a service or destination. This means they are trying to push it on you so they get paid higher commission. You want a travel agent who listens to you and provides quality choices for your destinations.
  • Never sign a contract you don’t understand. We will always do our best to explain everything about your vacation and will never push you into an uncomfortable situation.


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