Vacationing Thru A Holiday

Vacationing Thru A Holiday

Have you ever thought about heading away for a holiday? Taking your family and hitting the road to celebrate a holiday somewhere else brings new culture into your family. Learning other traditions and cultures allows you to grow as an individual and family. Every part of the world celebrates holidays different than back at your home. Who knows maybe there is something you may adapt into your own celebrations.

When researching a destination to explore you always want to see the activities available. Plan out the different events and make a scheduled calendar so you don’t miss anything. Research the festivities if you haven’t heard of them yet. Make sure you respect all festivities and cultures, blend in and follow along.

Our first holiday away was July 4th. We packed our bags and spent a week in Gatlinburg TN. We rented a cabin on the lake and spent the week hiking thru the mountains. Gatlinburg being a huge tourist destination gave us different sites to see and a great fireworks display. We spent the night alongside the lake watching fireworks surrounding us. Although we didn’t get out to see their massive parade and celebration it still brought us a different perspective on how to celebrate the holiday.

Vacationing thru your holiday can also be do around your home. Many different ways to celebrate and relax. One way is to throw a party with all your friends and see if everybody will pitch in on some entertainment. You can Book a musician,  throw a party, or roast a pig. Who knows maybe you will find a new way to vacation.

Have you ever vacationed thru a holiday? Where did you go? What did you do different then when you were home? How did your family enjoy it?


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