Universal Studios Child Swap

Universal Studios Child Swap


Universal Studio, Orlando, child swap is the best one I have come across. When you walk up to a ride and you have a child too small for it, or one that does not want to ride, ask the attendant if it has a child swap.

If the ride does, you will walk thru the line together. When you get to the end there will be signs pointing you to the child swap area.

This will be an air-conditioned room with seats. Some of them had a good view of the ride and some just had a T.V for viewing. One person will wait here with the children not wanting to ride while the other people go on the ride.

Once the ride is over they will come back to this area to swap the kids. Now the person waiting in the room can take your other kids back on the ride. They have a special entrance so you can go straight on the ride and don’t have to wait.


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3 Replies to “Universal Studios Child Swap

  1. I had no idea that Universal offers this service! We are planning to go to Orlando in the spring and this will be a great tip to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They sure do! We used to do this all the time when our kids were younger. They’re now 15 & 17. THEY are the ones that want to go on everything. I think they should have a parent swap because I don’t always want to go on everything, but they do! LOL

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