Transportation at Universal Studios

Transportation at Universal Studios

You have 3 options for getting to the parks from your onsite hotel. The most efficient way we found was taking the boats. When you take the boats you go through security at your hotel before you get on the boats. This gives you less of a line to wait in and quicker access to the parks. The boats deliver you to Universal Studio’s City Walk, eliminating the need to walk through City Walk security.

You can also take the buses from the front of your resort. The buses drop you off on the other side of city walk. Since you don’t through security before getting on the buses you will need to go through the main security point before entering city walk. And the last way is to walk to your hotel.

All resorts have a walking path to get from the hotel to the park. Once you go along the walking path you will have to go through your own security point before entering City walk. The walking path usually takes about 20 mins to walk.


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