Another amazing way I have been able to save money for vacations is by using Swagbucks. Swagbucks can either be used on mobile site or website. You have numerous different options to earn points, you then redeem these points for gift cards. Points are real easy to track because one point equals $.01. I either redeem target cards or just have it sent straight to my PayPal.


One way of saving money is through offers. They have sponsored offers that you sign up for. Once you sign up they give you either a partial credit or a full refund based on the offer. Some of them you can even make money off of. When you sign up for free trials always mark you calendar so you remember to cancel the subscription.


The second way to earn points is through surveys. Once you click on a survey it will tell you how long it will take, how much points you will earn, and what the survey is about. Always remember to tell the truth on these surveys. Swagbucks will watch this and if your answer are inconsistent they will block you from doing surveys. When you first start a survey there will be a qualification window. If you don’t qualify for a survey your first five surveys you will be credited one point.


The third way to earn points is through videos. They will post different videos throughout the day that you can watch. Some videos will require you to click through them while other videos with do it automatically. The main videos I use is the 2 called all you can eat. They will continue to play until there is no more available. One thing to keep in mind while watching these videos is to have a real good popup blocker on. The way they make money is by spamming you with pop ups as you are watching the videos.


The fourth way is called Discovery. This one will give you points based on discovery new products or games. The games will require you to get to certain levels of games in order to earn points. I don’t use this section very often.

If you put in a productive month with swagbucks you can range from $200 to $50. I usually get the $50 a month and twice I have reached the $200 mark. They also have daily goals set up for you to reach. These are added bonuses you get next month. Once I collect his money I put it off to the side for vacation. Target cards get turned into Disney cards and the PayPal money gets put into a savings account.

If this is something you are interested in sign up through my link and get extra points to start with. Also any question you may have ask away.


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