Should You Purchase Memory Maker?

This has been a common question and my answer is always yes.

Currently, the price of the Memory Maker is $169, if you purchase before you arrive in the parks. This is the best way to buy. Once purchased, you get a confirmation number that you can link to your My Disney Experience Account.

What is Memory Maker? It’s a photo package that will give you access to EVERY photo that is taken of you and your family while in the parks. Simply walk up to a Photopass Photographer and take your picture. They will scan your magic band or photo card and then it is linked to your my Disney Experience. It also includes pictures and videos of you and your family on rides, and at select restaurants that utilize PhotoPass photographers.

You can view your photos as you go throughout the parks, on the app. Once you get home you then activate your Memory Maker and will be able to download and save your photos as a digital download.

So why should you purchase Memory Maker?

  1. Everyone is in the Picture – This is a common reason. There’s always that one person in the family that is the photographer and never gets in the pictures. You are also able to hand them your camera, or cell phone to take a photo.
  2. Quality of Pictures – Yes, you can ask the Disney photographer to take your picture with your phone or camera. However, the quality is going to be much better on their camera than your cell phone.
  3. Trained Photographers – Most of us are not professional photographers. Plus, we’re in the moment, so we’re not thinking of “hmm what poses would look best for my family.” The PhotoPass photographers will position you just right, wait for those fireworks to come up over the castle, and even capture moments you wouldn’t have thought to get on film. Plus, they can add a little magic to your photos.
  4. Magic Shots – Do you want to see Olaf in your pictures? Or have Tinker Bell make a visit? Well you can! If you get the memory maker. The photographers can’t add this into shots on your camera, but they can with their “magical” cameras. All you have to do is ask! You get this for free when purchasing the memory maker. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for those pictures separately later.
  5. Rides – Space Mountain. Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Pirates of the Caribbean. You have access to all of the pictures AND VIDEOS that are captured on these rides.
  6. Everyone on Your Friends List – If you and your friends are linked under the same My Disney Experience account, and you purchased Memory Maker for your group, you get ALL of the pictures.
  7. Social Media – In addition to having access to download the pictures, you can also share them to social media instantly!
  8. Editing – Once your pictures have been taken, you can add borders or characters to them on the app. You can download them with all the cool features, just like if you were purchasing them. All included!


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