Loews Sapphire Falls Resort

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort

We stayed at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and absolutely loved it. Staff was friendly and amazing. Anytime you needed help they were there. They allowed us to check in early around 11oclock and put our luggage in the luggage hold. This allowed us to use the pool and hotel facilities even though our room was not ready. The pool area was even equipped with a splash zone for the toddlers.

Once our room was ready they sent me a text with the room number and activated our keys. The rooms were plenty spacious with nice amenities.

The hotel was booked to full capacity but it never felt that way. The bars and restaurants always had available space, the pools were never too crowded.

When we went out to the pool we decided to rent a Cabana. They have 2 levels of Cabanas, the closer Cabanas were $100 and the ones set back a little further were $75 for the day.

With the rental you received pop, bottled water, and Evian facial spray in your fridge, a fruit plate, your own personal server, T.V., a table, and a comfy couch.


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