Items To Bring To The Park

Items To Bring To The Park

Being comfortable all day at the park is a big challenge. I have put together a list of items we use when we go to the parks.

Sunscreen, set an alarm so you remember to reapply.

Disposable Rain Ponchos,

Cooling Towels or spray bottle with fan if you go in the summer.

Comfy, broken in, shoes – this is important or you will have blisters!

At the hotel keep an extra pair of shoes. If it rains at the park, your shoes may not fully dry overnight. This way you will have a dry pair ready for the next morning.

They have really cool bubble wands. If you plan to get one, $20, get it on the first day and bring it to the parks every day.  Also, bring your own bubbles.  You will save money by not buying the tiny refill bottles for $4 each.

Have a phone charger or battery pack in your bag to keep your phone charged.

Autograph book and large pen! Be creative, buy some Disney stickers to decorate it and put them on the pages.  When a character signs they will sign by “their” sticker.  Characters usually comment to the children about how the book was made and how fun/creative it is.  Kids really light up when their favorite character comments on their autograph book.

If you have a young child in a stroller bring a stroller fan with. SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black

Travel size hand sanitizer, and sanitize often!  You  don’t want to get sick on vacation.

Bring a power strip so you can plug in all your electronic devices, outlets are in hard to get to areas.

Glow sticks. Go to the dollar store and have them pick out glow sticks for night time.

If you are bringing a stroller, have some fun and decorate it!  This will make your stroller easier to spot in the stroller parking area. Disney has lot attendants who constantly move strollers around to keep them organized.

Refillable water bottle.

Chap stick


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