Tips to help make your first Disney World adventure less stressful

Tips to help make your first Disney World adventure less stressful!!!

Relax, it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. With a few pointers, you’ll be prepared and well on your way to being a Disney pro.

  1. Plan ahead – Plan out your day prior of going to the park.
  2. Budget – Figure out and set aside your budget for the week. Then break it down by days. This way you won’t over spend on your vacation.
  3. Dining – If you are doing character dining make sure it is set up ahead of time. And times are planned accordingly.
  4. Stroller – Make sure you leave nothing of value in your stroller and your stroller is easily identifiable.
  5. Breaks – Take breaks all the time. Make sure nobody gets heat stroke and everyone is comfortable.
  6. FASTPASS – Make sure your fast pass selection is set up ahead of time.
  7. Parks – Plan your park visits based on magic hours and available activities.
  8. Weather – Plan for anything. Bring a throw away rain poncho, sunscreen, and in winter months long sleeves for night time.
  9. Characters -A general rule of thumb is 5 minutes for each guest to meet their favorite character. So if 20 people are in line expect about an hour wait. Also have your autograph book and a pen big enough mickey can hold it.
  10. Height Requirements – Make sure you understand what rides your kids are able to ride. Also make sure to use the rider swap if your kids are to short or don’t want to ride.
  11. Sun – Plan for a lot of sun. Bring lots of sunscreen and set your alarm to reapply every hour.
  12. Parades/Shows – You check your watch, there’s five minutes before the parade/show, no problem finding a prime spot, right? If you don’t want to hear “I can’t see, I can’t see, I can’t see!” stake out a spot early.
  13. Baby Care Center – You don’t have to be perched on the end of a bench full of people trying to nurse or calm down a cranky baby. Each theme park has Baby Care Centers for your use.
  14. Backpacks – make sure you have a backpack that is easily carried and fits on all rides.
  15. Animal Kingdom Theme Park – Keep in mind that this park is primarily meant to be enjoyed outdoors. If the weather during your stay is iffy, pick the day that’s best suited for outside touring because this park has very little shade.
  16. Just have fun!!! – That’s what Disney World is meant for. If you can’t “do it all”, don’t lament what you missed. Be flexible, enjoy what you can and start planning for the next trip.


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