Free Starbucks at Disney

Free Starbucks at Disney

Free Starbucks at Disney.  Did I just say Free Starbucks? Yes. Yes I did.

Every Disney Park has a Starbucks located in it. I found a website called E-rewards that sets you up with surveys that match your profile. When completing these online surveys I was able to collect $100 dollars in gift cards, I picked Starbucks. For every survey you fill out and don’t qualify for you receive $.25 in e-rewards. If you qualify for a survey you will receive the compensation amount for the survey. For the Starbucks $25 gift card you will need to collect $75 in rewards. You are able to collect 1 Starbucks gift card per quarter so make sure you start plenty time in advance. I have also turned in rewards to get Marcus Theatre gift cards.


Driving to Disney? Free snacks & drinks for the road? Yes.

When trying to save money for a vacation or trip you always want to pay attention to your grocery store offers. I discovered on black Friday that Meijer was offering a 10 dollar store credit for every $100 dollars spent on Gift cards (up to $50 dollars per account). My wife and I each bought $500 dollars in Disney gift cards, with cash we had saved up for this purpose, and each received $50 in store credit. We took that $1000 of Disney gift cards and applied that as a payment towards our vacation. The $100 in store credit allowed us to buy snacks and drinks for the car ride to Florida!


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