Fastpass Walt Disney World

Fastpass Walt Disney World

When you’re a rookie heading to Disney world the options are overwhelming. One option that you have control over is your Fastpass selections.

60 days out from your Disney vacation day you are able to set up your fast passes. With no guidance with my first trip to Disney my Fastpass selections were not the best. Our experience taught us to skip the first hour of the day. During that first hour at the park you will be able to go to whatever ride you want (try to make it a popular ride) and the wait will be shorter. Set up your first Fastpass for an hour after the park opens. The remaining 2 Fastpasses should be every hour after. This will allow you to keep moving!  Lucky for those who book with me, I can set up your initial Fastpass selections for you.

Once all 3 Fastpasses are gone you will then be eligible for another using your my Disney experience app.

Fastpasses are good for 1 hr. from the time stated.  Say you are running late, or just have to have a frozen lemonade, go ahead!

In the middle of the day take it easy and do the inside attractions to stay cool. Once the sun starts to go down there will be less people in the park and you should be able to finish most of the rides you missed as they will have lower wait times.

An example timeline:

Magic Kingdom

Opens: 9:00 AM Head to Thunder Mountain

Fastpass 1: Mine Train 10:00 AM

Fastpass 2: Peter Pan’s Flight 11:00 AM

Then you can use your my Disney Experience App. to sign up for a 3RD Fastpass.


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