Disney World Pet Friendly Vacation

Disney World Pet Friendly Vacation

A Resort for Pets

Best Friends Pet Care offers peace of mind to Guests traveling to Walt Disney World Resort with pets. With the exception of service dogs, pets are not permitted in the theme parks, Resort hotels or on theme park buses.   Best Friends Pet Care includes:

  • 17,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor space
  • 10,000 square feet of covered outdoor runs and play areas
  • 25,000-square-foot dog park

The staff—made up of 45 highly trained pet care providers—are animal lovers, first and foremost.

Hours Best Friends Pet Care is open one hour before the theme parks open through one hour after closing.

Overnight Accommodations

From the casual sleepover to a week-long retreat, luxurious accommodations are available to provide your pet with privacy and comfort. While the facility can accommodate up to 300 dogs, cats and small pets, reservations at Best Friends Pet Care are suggested.


  • VIP Luxury Suites This 226 square-foot suite package includes 2 potty walks, 2 playgroups, a flat-screen television, webcam, bedtime story and, after a 3-day stay, a bath.
  • Vacation Villas This 72 square-foot suite package includes one potty walk, playgroup, a flat-screen television and a turndown biscuit.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Suite
  • This 32 to 48 square-foot suite package includes one potty walk.
  • Indoor Suite This 36 square-foot suite package includes 2 potty walks.


  • 2 Level Condo
  • 4 Level Condo

Pocket (Small) Pets Guests must provide an enclosure for smaller pets, including birds, reptiles and rodents. Rates are based on the size of the enclosure (small, medium, large and extra large).

Please note that Best Friends Pet Care cannot accommodate venomous pets or primates. Native wildlife or exotic species are not allowed inside the facility.

Day Care

Pet day care is available to pets looking for the ultimate day-long getaway. Drop off your pet in the morning and pick up your pet later in the afternoon. Pets will enjoy the same luxurious suites and condos as overnight


From one-on-one playtime and social group interactions to bedtime stories and special snacks, activities at the Best Friends Pet Care are the cat’s meow.


  • Playgroup
  • Playtime
  • Cuddletime
  • Walk & Explore
  • Bottled Water
  • Bedtime Story
  • Ice-cream Break
  • Holiday Meal
  • Premium Bed


  • Playtime
  • Cookies & Milk
  • Tuna on a Ritz
  • Activity Toy
  • Deluxe Kitty Bed

Grooming Salon

Pamper your pooch with a shampoo and style cut or a flea treatment, pedicure or skin treatment. For more information, prices or to make an appointment, call (877) 4 WDW-PETS or (877) 493-9738, or visit the Best Friends Pet Care website.  Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

Required Documentation

All pets visiting Best Friends Pet Care must be up-to-date on their vaccines. Written proof is required from a veterinarian. Please bring a copy with you to present at check-in, or you may ask your veterinarian’s office to fax it to (203) 840-5266 before you arrive. For information on vaccine requirements, please call (877) 4 WDW-PETS or (877) 493-9738. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.


Service Animals

Guests who use service animals must retain control of their animals at all times and should keep them on a leash or harness while visiting. Cast Members are not permitted to take control of service animals.

Due to the nature of some attractions, service animals may not be permitted to ride. At these locations, please ask a Cast Member about available options, including Rider Switch with a member of your party or a portable kennel.



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