Disney World Extras

Disney World Extras


Walt Disney World is packed full of amazing attractions, shows, fireworks, you name it that it is hard to imagine more. Honestly, many people are happy enough with these simple things the theme parks offer. But did you know that there is more? More than the parks!

Epcot Seas Adventures- Aqua Tour


Disney World has a ton of different tours. At around $145.00, you can snorkel with sea creatures in the aquarium. If you are not SCUBA-certified it will take two and a half hours and only a half hour will be snorkeling. Note that you won’t actually dive beneath the surface you are suspended at the surface. All equipment is provided. Don’t forget your suit!

See What’s Under the Sea

Explore an underwater wonderland at Caribbean Coral Reef, a 5.7-million-gallon, man-made saltwater ocean.

Offering a snorkeling experience like no other for Guests who are not SCUBA-certified, this 2.5-hour experience at Epcot includes approximately 30 minutes of actual snorkeling time at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion.

An easy-to-use scuba-assisted snorkel unit will keep you afloat and supplied with piped air. While you won’t be permitted to dive beneath the surface, you will have a remarkable view of over 65 species of marine life below you, thanks to the tank’s clear, current-free waters.

In addition to snorkeling, you’ll also:

  • Tour the massive infrastructure that filters and maintains the habitat.
  • Get answers to all your burning questions about the inhabitants of Caribbean Coral Reef.
  • Learn even more about these beautiful creatures through an educational video presentation.
  • Receive a complimentary photo of yourself suited up in your dive gear.
  • Take home a special Epcot Seas Adventures – Aqua Tour souvenir.

Epcot Seas Adventures- Dive Quest


For $179.00 it is a 3 hour long with the dive being only 40 minutes. Now here is the catch, you have to be SCUBA-certified folks. Don’t forget that certification. Call Disney for more details.

Explore New Depths

Are you a diver who’s always wanted to join the fish at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion?

Now you can! Take the plunge at Caribbean Coral Reef, our 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium at Epcot, and swim with over 6,000 sea creatures. Clear waters and the absence of currents afford you amazing views of sea turtles, angelfish, dolphins, eagle rays and sharks.

The pavilion’s 56 giant windows make it possible for family members and friends with Epcot admission to view your dive, and you can even purchase a souvenir DVD of your experience.

Epcot Seas Adventures – DiveQuest lasts 3 hours, and you’ll spend approximately 40 minutes on your actual dive. You’ll also tour the massive backstage infrastructure that filters and maintains this vast manmade ocean. You must be SCUBA-certified to participate.


Epcot Seas Adventures- Dolphins in Depth


For $200 and 3 hours of your time you can meet the dolphins. Note 30 minutes is spent with dolphins. Don’t forget the suit and no worries you don’t need to be SCUBA-certified. Schedule it out cause they do not offer this to many per day, only 8.

Dive into Their World

Meet the dolphins of The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion and learn about their complex undersea behavior.

During a 3-hour Epcot experience that wraps up with a once-in-a-lifetime photo op and a souvenir, you’ll talk to the expert trainers and researchers who work with our bottlenose dolphins every day.

Gain a better understanding and greater appreciation of these wondrous creatures as you:

  • Interact with our dolphins in waist-deep water for approximately 30 minutes.
  • See firsthand how we care for the dolphins day to day.
  • View backstage areas and learn how the dolphins are trained.
  • Sit in on a training and research session with our team of marine mammal specialists.
  • Participate in conversations about global issues affecting ocean life.

And remember: you will get wet from—and most likely splashed by—our dolphin residents! Please bring a bathing suit if you wish to enter the water. You do not need to swim or be SCUBA-certified to take part in this experience.


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom


It is self-guided scavenger hunt throughout Magic Kingdom. To begin, go to the Firehouse on Mainstreet of the park.

Learn how to thwart the forces of evil by becoming Merlin’s apprentice sorcerer!

Embark on an interactive scavenger hunt to halt Hades in his tracks! The Greek god of the Underworld must retrieve 4 missing shards to reassemble Merlin’s Crystal of the Magic Kingdom and make the park his new summer home. He’s enlisted a brigade of Disney baddies—Yzma, Cruella, Scar, Jafar, Maleficent, Ursula, Ratcliffe and Dr. Facilier—to help track down the fragments, which are hidden throughout the park. It’s up to you to foil their takeover attempts!

How to Play

Stop by the Firehouse on Main Street, U.S.A. for everything necessary to begin 9 exciting quests, including a Sorcerer Key Card, Merlin’s mystical map, spell cards and training on how to unlock Magic Portals and defeat the dastardly evildoers.

Use the clues on Merlin’s map to locate 20 Magic Portals situated throughout Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland and along Main Street, U.S.A. Upon arriving at the first Magic Portal, hold up your Sorcerer Key Card to unlock and gain access—one of Hades’ henchmen will pop up prepared for battle!

Present a spell card to crush the creep; once victory is yours, move on to the next Magic Portal. Different Disney pals will also appear to guide you along your way. Your challenge is to eliminate each Portal’s outlaw by presenting the right spell card or combination of cards—some scoundrels are tough, so it may take several spells to triumph. After annihilating his minions, you’ll be spell-to-spell with Hades himself!

Finish as many missions as you wish—the keepers of the Magic Kingdom are grateful for your help! Merlin will appear in the final portal, welcoming you to the ranks of “Master Sorcerer” upon completing the full game. Hold onto your wizard wands and get ready for spellbinding adventures at every turn!

I would not recommend this for first-timers or visitors who are only going to this park once in their trip. It is time consuming! Coupled with fast passes and wait times and not to mention walking, you may very well be at your wits end.


Wild Africa Trek an Exhilarating Safari Adventure


Be awestruck viewing wild animals in their natural habitat on the 3-hour Wild Africa Trek. On this privately priced tour, discover animals of nearly every variety living in the Safi River Valley—an uninhibited environment that resembles their home turf in Africa.

The Journey

Walk along a grassland path, cross a rope bridge and ride in a rugged safari vehicle over an open savanna—with a chance to view African creatures including towering giraffes, powerful rhinos, hippos and crocodiles.

Along your journey, your knowledgeable guide will share insights about the majestic animals you’re viewing as well as the general operation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and details about the park’s dedication to animal conservation.

And as if your safari weren’t memorable enough, you’ll receive a complimentary souvenir as well!

Complimentary Photo Services

Enjoy your encounters with the animals of the Harambe Reserve while a trained photographer captures all the action and excitement throughout your adventure—a service that’s included with your tour.

At the end of your expedition, you’ll receive a photo code that you can use to access and download images taken during your Wild Africa Trek experience.

This is time consuming 3 hours, so I would not recommend it for those that are first timers or only going to Animal Kingdom once. It is pricey, ranging from $180 to $250, but if it is something that you are interested it would be an amazing experience. There are disclosures that your health and physical fitness be decent as you will be walking and even crossing a rope bridge.

Pirate Adventure Cruises


This is a great adventure for children 4 to 12. It is 2 hours long $49 and is only for the kids. Disney classifies this extra into 3 different adventures. Each depart from a different location either Disney’s Grand Floridian, Caribbean, or Yacht/Beach Club Resorts. Call Disney for more info on this pirate lover’s adventure

Donning pirate bandanas, young buccaneers board a seasoned vessel for a spirited pursuit of treasure. Sailing to exotic “ports of call” (Resort marinas), they’ll hear legends of pirates past and discover clues that may just lead to a bountiful treasure chest.

At the final port of call, kids split up the pirate booty, as they enjoy a snack (such as goldfish crackers or pretzels) and a drink (such as water or a juice box).

Children must be 4 to 12 years of age and potty-trained to join this pirate crew.

3 Swashbuckling Adventures

Choose from 3 pirate adventures that traverse the waterways of Walt Disney World Resort. Each excursion is kids-only and takes place every day (weather permitting) from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Disney’s Pirate Adventure

Crossing Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon, this pirate cruise treats kids to a reading of “The Legend of Gasparilla”—a real Florida pirate. Departs from the Marina at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Islands of the Caribbean Pirate Cruise

Buccaneers sail the Ports of the Caribbean waters, as they hear the story of Old Port Royale and its pirate-laden past. Departs from Caribbean Cay, a tropical island located in the middle of Barefoot Bay.

Albatross Treasure Cruise

Kids hear “The Legend of the Albatross” and search for pirate booty across Crescent Lake and Epcot park’s World Showcase Lagoon. Departs from Bayside Marina at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Beach Club Resort.


Disney Carriage Rides


The price varies, currently $45 to $79. There is also 2 locations for this extra: Disney’s Port Orleans- Riverside or Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Roughly 25 minutes of your precious time. Call each resort for more details. And don’t forget to make reservations!

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Area

Take in rustic beauty as you travel along charming pathways and the banks of the Sassagoula River. Please note that rides through September 30, 2017 cost $45—and will be available for $55 beginning October 1, 2017.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Area

Travel through the lush pine and cypress forest where deer, rabbits, ducks and armadillos like to roam. Please note that rides through September 30, 2017 cost $45—and will be available for $55 beginning October 1, 2017.

Holiday Sleigh Rides

Take in the magic of the holidays with a cozy “sleigh” ride through secluded woodland beauty. Decorated with lights and garlands, these “sleighs” are available during the month of December.


Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace


It is priced at $79 for adults and $47 for children. Your arrival should be 60 minutes prior to fireworks. Combine desserts and fireworks, well I’d say that’s a sweet deal!

End your day with a grand finale featuring scrumptious sweets and prime fireworks views.

This sensational celebration starts at Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant with a tempting array of freshly prepared desserts plus a variety of seasonal fruits and cheeses. The bountiful buffet may include such favorites as:

  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries
  • Disney character-themed desserts
  • Ice cream
  • Create-your-own cookie

And you can toast your day of park fun and the incredible experience ahead with an enticing selection of beverages including:

  • Sparkling cider
  • Hot chocolate
  • Signature lemonades
  • Coffee
  • Tea

As showtime approaches, you’ll be escorted to your seats on the patio of Tomorrowland Terrace. Then, just sit back and relax—and watch in amazement as the skies ignite and Cinderella Castle glows with enchanting illuminations.

Chip ‘N Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long


Located at The Campsites at Disney’s Wilderness Resort. There are sing-a-long songs, marshmallow roasting, and a movie beneath the stars! Note: bring your own marshmallows or Disney recommends grabbing a s’mores kit from the Chuckwagon Snack Bar.

After you enjoy the gooey goodness, croon along to old-time favorites led by a guitar-playing cowboy, as Chip ‘n Dale visit for photos, autographs, smiles and fun.

Campground Cinema

After the cowboy sing-along, cozy up for a classic Disney movie in a theater under the stars.

As night falls, the fun moves toward the giant screen, where cowpokes of all ages can delight in a favorite Disney movie shown in the fresh evening air. Bring camping chairs and blankets or sit on the benches provided.

The campfire sing-along and outdoor movie are complimentary and held nightly as weather permits. Movies and entertainment are subject to cancellation or change at any time and without notice.

Tri-Circle-D Ranch

Again, over at The Campsites at Disney’s Wilderness Resort you can enjoy carriage or wagon rides, pony rides or even horse backing. Call for reservations!

Exploring the Ranch

Stroll through the stables to see Cinderella’s Ponies and the majestic horses of Main Street, U.S.A.. You can watch the blacksmith make horseshoes and affix them to horses’ hooves, and discover the Dragon Calliope—the horse-drawn musical instrument that Walt Disney purchased for the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Parade at Disneyland Park in the 1950s.

Animal lovers of all ages will delight in the variety of breeds that live at Tri-Circle-D Ranch, including Appaloosas, Arabians, Belgians, Clydesdales, paint horses, Percherons and quarter horses, plus Shetland ponies.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

Enjoy scenic vistas during a relaxing horse-drawn carriage ride.


Wagon Rides

Take an old-fashioned, horse-drawn wagon ride—or reserve a group ride for 30 to 35 Guests.

Horseback Riding

Set out on a peaceful ride through the wilderness atop the back of a fine equine friend.

Pony Rides

Harness your child’s love of horses and “stirr-up” a lifelong passion with a gentle but thrilling pony ride—it’s a cinch!

Holiday Sleigh Rides

Catch the holiday spirit as you travel along scenic trails aboard a festive, horse-drawn “sleigh.”


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