Disney Trading Pins

Disney Trading Pins

When you book a Disney vacation with Fantasmic Adventures all kids will receive a free lanyard with 3 pins. This will get them started on their pin trading adventure. Below is the information you will need to enjoy pin trading.

Disney Pin Trading is a fun, interactive experience where Disney Guests can trade specially-marked Disney pins with Cast Members and fellow Guests. The great thing about Pin Trading is that there is no age limit, so the whole family can participate in this activity together.


Once you’re at a Disney location, you will need to locate a Cast Member. A Pin Trading Cast Member will be wearing a lanyard and are always happy to see what you have to trade. All you have to do is find a pin that they have that you would like and exchange it for one of your pins. Always ask the CM to present the pin if you want to see for a closer look. While at a merchandise location, if you don’t see a Cast Member with a pin lanyard, ask at the checkout instead. Sometimes they will have a pad under the counter with a selection of pins for trading. You can follow the same process to obtain one of these.


There are counterfeit pins out there. So beware of eBay or other auction sites that offer incredible deals for large pin lots. Many of these auctions are legitimate, but some are not, and you could end up with fake pins that you can’t trade. I do recommend checking out Everything Disney Pins for a great place to buy a large amount of official Disney parks pins to take with you to trade in the parks in order to avoid paying high Disney Parks prices.

Cast Members may refuse to trade if your pin is not part of the Pin Trading program.  ESPN and ABC pins are also tradable. But remember: The Cast Member will make a final decision, which it is only good trading etiquette to accept! No arguing, please.

Pin Trading isn’t limited to Cast Members. Guests can also approach each other and offer to trade at any time. But obviously courtesy and caution must be exercised. No matter how much you might want a pin from another Guests lanyard, you should never push to trade if it’s a bad or inconvenient time for them!


Sometimes a fellow guest may have a pin on his/her lanyard that is no longer available for purchase, but you just don’t have anything they want on your lanyard. Try offering to buy them a current pin that they want in exchange. You may have to buy a Pink or Lavender color level for them, but if it gets you that out-of-circulation pin, it’s a deal worth making!


Again, just remember that Pin Trading was created by Disney to create a fun and interactive activity between traders, so always be polite and understanding to the needs and limitations of other traders. If they’ve had enough, be sure to thank them and send them on their way with a big smile!


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