Celebrating a Birthday at Universal Studios

Celebrating a Birthday at Universal Studios

If you are celebrating a birthday at Universal Studios first thing you want to do is stop by guest services and receive a birthday button. Your party will also receive celebration buttons. We celebrated my wife and daughter’s birthday during our last trip there.  When you wear this button, almost every cast member will greet you with a happy birthday and one, Wil, sang Happy Birthday to my wife & daughter.

If you lucky, like us, your party may get to bypass a ride wait line, or two. We were able to get right into Ollivander’s show and also received extra fast passes for our party! (Thanks Jonathan!)

We stopped at a few snack carts to get our drinks refilled and my wife & daughter received a free donut and at another snack cart a churro.

Last thing received was a free souvenir cup upgrade for my daughter’s butter beer. Everybody at Universal made the birthday girls feel super special.


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