About Us

About Fantasmic Adventures

Fantasmic Adventures is a family based travel agency and we love to explore the world as a family. We started this travel agency after we returned from one of our Disney World Vacations. Watching our kids faces and interactions with all the cast members got us thinking. How can we help other families reconnect with each others and how do we guide them to their perfect vacations?

We have developed a system that allows us to get to know your family and were able to connect you with great vacation ideas. Contact us and see what we can do for your family.

We are an independent contractor selling vacations thru Family Focus Travel.

A little bit about Matthew:

Im a young father who loves to explore and take new adventures with his family. When I was 6 years old I made my first visit to Disney, and returned back as an adult. In 2017 I took my children to Disney for the first time.  My favorite thing about Disney was watching my kids experience the magic. It was easy for me to decide to help others experience the same joy.