A Few Way I Saved Over $500 On My Disney Vacation

A Few Way I Saved Over $500 On My Disney Vacation!!!

When we first decided to take our family to Disney, I was overwhelmed at the choices we had to make and the cost associated with a Disney vacation. Doing a lot of research and following a few blogs we got a plan together. Four major methods I discovered were apps called Shopkick, Shell gas rewards, and Raise.


This was the first one we went with. This is a smartphone app and is easy to use. You have 3 ways of earning points on this app.  Find more info here: Shopkick

  • The first way is to get walk in kicks. When you approach a store, which offers walk in kicks, open your app in the designated location and receive points. If I do not need anything from the store and we are passing it on our way somewhere, I will drive my car to the closest parking spot and open the App.  I am usually able to collect Kicks that way.
  • The next way to collect kicks is to scan the barcodes of items in the store. As we are shopping we will go down these isles to scan the products.
  • The third and final way of collecting kicks is to scan your receipt for items they have tagged in the app to collect additional points.

When you have enough points to receive an offer you have selected you can turn them in for a gift card. We always turned them into Target gift cards. I then load them to the Target app, I will go into the store and buy Disney gift cards with the target gift cards. You then take the Disney gift card and pay for your vacation.


The second method I used is a company called Raise. It is a site that you can sell and buy gift cards. If you have cards laying around you can sell them for cash. I always buy gift cards through them. Pay attention to the discounts offered on the cards. The time of year I had the most success is from black Friday through Christmas time. I buy Target gift cards for around 9% off and turn them into target for Disney gift cards. We also routinely buy Shell gift cards and restaurant gift cards. Example: we drove to Disney so I bought Gas cards, Food cards and Dunkin Donuts cards (usually for 21% savings).  Find more info and get a $5 credit here:  Raise


The final Target to Disney Gift card takes a little time.

  • I load all these Target cards onto my Target app.
  • Then go into Target to combine all these cards into one.
  • Go over to the gift card rack and buy Disney gift cards (my Target only sells gift cards in $50 or $100 increments) then pay for them with your combined Target gift card.
  • Now to make it easy on yourself and your travel agent go onto Disney gift card website and you can combine all your Disney gift cards up to $1000. Put a $1000 on each card until you are paid off. This Target to Disney gift card combo only works because Disney gift cards are considered entertainment gift cards and they can be purchased with a Target gift card.

Shell Gas:

Do you go to Shell for your gas? Did you know they have a rewards card?

What if I told you that you could save 5 cents a gallon just by using their loyalty card.

We do and at times you can get 10 or even 15 cents off a gallon.

Makes road tripping a little cheaper.

Sign up through our link https://www.fuelrewards.com/fuelrewards/welcome.html…

You can also have your family and friends sign up then you receive 20 cents off a gallon.

Receipt Pal:

This APP allows you to take pictures of your receipts and submit them. Once you submit 4 receipts they give you 100 points. There is a limit to this: they only allow you to submit 12 receipts a week. so it will take some time to earn you $25 .

We were able to make $50 in a year just by taking some photos, To get this app just search for receipt pal.


Keep track of your savings and see how much you can save! It was time consuming but, for us, worth it.  We were able to save over $500 on our Disney Vacation!


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